“Not Just Runway Existence” – Where Will the Impressive Trends “Borrowed” from Milan Fashion Week Go?

"Not Just Runway Existence" – Where Will the Impressive Trends "Borrowed" from Milan Fashion Week Go?

Milan Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2024 has kicked off in full swing, and it seems like most brands have opted for a safe route this comeback season with easily sellable items and familiar outfit pairings that they know will be effective.

"Not Just Runway Existence" – Where Will the Impressive Trends "Borrowed" from Milan Fashion Week Go?
“Not Just Runway Existence” – Where Will the Impressive Trends “Borrowed” from Milan Fashion Week Go?

Summary Leather Reigns Supreme Ladylike Returns Olive Green Animal Prints Blue Shirts Scarves and Overcoats Double-Breasted Blazers Cardigans Fur Belly Bands Bodysuits

The question arises: is there anything new? Classic pieces like blue shirts, scarves are making a comeback, satin accessories, belts are becoming cool, and let’s not forget about the grandpa-style cardigans stepping into our wardrobes in the near future. Let’s explore the promising trends from this season’s runway!

Leather Reigns Supreme Maxi coats, dresses, pants, blouses, cuissardes, handbags, all crafted in leather and a glossy vinyl-like finish. Gucci has created a “total leather” look with cabans paired with short skirts and tall boots; Marni opts for the harmony of long triangular dresses paired with elegant opera gloves while Ferrari brings wrinkled effects and workwear silhouettes.

A standout piece bringing innovation and adding sophisticated accents to every outfit is the leather jacket, showcased alongside other designs from Dolce&Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, and Iceberg.

Ladylike Returns Emerging in the 60s-70s, the Ladylike style is the perfect archetype for those pursuing an elegant look with a noble touch. Chic women stride down the runway in specially designed vests, flared dresses, figure-hugging vests paired with sophisticated details like high heels and fur. The true master in reinterpreting the ladylike style in a modern way is Prada. Modernizing silhouettes from the past, the fashion house unveils items such as twinsets, simple vests with 1950s-style skirts, bonnet dresses adorned with bows and fur trims, along with pointed satin pumps. More than just a collection, it sets the entire mood for your source of inspiration.

Olive Green “Winning over,” although olive green was seen somewhere in the dominant color palette on the SS24 runway, it seems that this favoritism towards green continues, so our FW24 season might be flooded with green. Dresses, long coats, boots, knits—any item in this color is ready to become an essential in fashionistas’ wardrobes. Just take a look at Gucci, Fendi, Alberta Ferretti, or Ferragamo collections, and you’ll understand. Besides black, brown, red, gray,… olive green will be a fresh choice for you.

Animal Prints Occasionally, someone will try to “hide” animal-patterned motifs, hastily labeling them as either glamorous or outdated and quietly burying them in dusty wardrobes. The truth is, animal-inspired patterns mimicking the fur of tigers, leopards, and other beautiful animals never go out of style and can evoke different moods depending on the style. Dolce&Gabbana, Versace, Marni, Blumarine, and N.21 have interpreted them differently, but all are worth considering and reviving in our “daily outfits” list.

Blue Shirts With cotton material, masculine cuts, and shades of blue, plain or subtly striped, this is an item to add to your next shopping list. Whether it’s seen as an influence of the Office Siren style or designers simply recognize it as a versatile piece for everyday wear, the blue shirt is back, intriguing the fashion world. How to wear them? A nice pair of jeans is enough, but if you want to be inspired by the FW24 runway, see how Tod’s pairs it with specially designed pants, Bally with leather skirts, and Moschino with shorts.

Scarves and Overcoats Wrapping a scarf or donning a coat always exudes a bit of old-school Hollywood allure, making us feel elegant, confident, and stylish. Moreover, it helps keep you warm—a detail not to be overlooked on cold days. Take inspiration from the Tod’s, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, Fendi, and Del Core collections.

Double-Breasted Blazers Coats preferred by brands for FW24 are military-style coats, redesigned in each fashion house’s own style but always with two rows of buttons on the chest and a slim silhouette. They can look serious at Tom Ford, sensual when worn over lingerie at Dolce&Gabbana, more modern on Gucci’s runway, and classic like Max Mara.

Cardigans Thanks to Grandpa Core, cozy knitted cardigans are back and can be paired with anything from short dresses to leather pants,… Prada offers mismatched twinsets, Gucci opts for unbuttoned and colorful cardigans, while Iceberg prefers striped ones that look very grunge.

Fur FW24 fur items look quite bulky, cumbersome, and almost primitive. The preferred color palette is usually black, brown with various shades, or it can also be animal-print patterns and bright colors. It embodies a cold, Mob Wife style resurgence or the revival of our “wild side”?

Belly Bands Not quite a bra belt, not quite a waist belt, Fendi, Sportmax, and Max Mara introduce a type of belly band that the fabric belt helps to hug the model’s waist, accentuating the body shape and creating focal points for the appearance. The band can be worn with anything: coats, jackets, knits, ton sur ton or contrasting colors with the rest of the outfit.

Bodysuits Not completely replacing T-shirts and tank tops, but bodysuits have entered the Fall/Winter trend race. At Versace, this item is worn like an outer garment, revealing a small part of bare skin, while at Fendi, models wear it like an unbuttoned shirt combined with skirts and leather pants. An interesting styling idea or a definitive solution to show off the bodysuit without discomfort?

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