Andersson Bell Fall/Winter 2024: A Tribute to Female Pilots in Milan

Andersson Bell Fall/Winter 2024: A Tribute to Female Pilots in Milan

Andersson Bell’s latest Fall/Winter 2024 Collection debuted during Milan Fashion Week under the captivating title ‘Air House’. This second collection, unveiled on January 14, draws inspiration from the pioneering spirit of South Korea’s first female pilot, Kwon Ki-Ok, marking a significant transformation for the Korean brand.

Andersson Bell Fall/Winter 2024: A Tribute to Female Pilots in Milan
Andersson Bell Fall/Winter 2024: A Tribute to Female Pilots in Milan

Founded in Seoul in 2014, Andersson Bell, under the continuous creativity of Kim Dohoon, draws inspiration from the contrast between Korean and Scandinavian cultures. The brand name combines a prominent Swedish surname, “Andersson,” with the Korean word for temple bell, symbolizing the fusion of diverse cultures. Instead of being bound by Scandinavian norms, Andersson Bell deciphers diverse and contrasting cultures to present their unique vision and brand.

Immersing into the narrative created by Creative Director Kim Dohoon, deeply immersed in researching pilot themes, has uncovered the compelling story of Kwon Ki-Ok. The collection becomes a canvas to portray her contrasting selves, cleverly combining the practicality of pilot attire with Western-inspired everyday wear. This unique contrast, embedded in ANDERSSONBELL’s DNA, at the heart of the runway, is a colossal artistic collaboration with Korean contemporary artist Byungchan Lee.

The collection aims to emphasize the seductive connection of clothing with the ‘air’ at the second show, enhancing the visual experience of the audience. The second consecutive collaboration with world-renowned designer Robbie Spencer has helped elevate the perfection of each outfit. Images from Andersson Bell’s collection showcase a smooth blend of functionality and romance, creating a fresh and transformative beauty.

At Andersson Bell F/W 2024, the allure of functional aesthetics takes precedence with perfectly deconstructed bomber jackets. The presence of graphic knit sweaters for men and padded coats with back caps creates its own allure, while velvet materials and daring lines bring a romantic atmosphere to the show.

Beyond the fashion narrative, the Fall/Winter 2024 collection introduces a collaboration lineup with “utilitarian” clothing brands including Levi’s, OTTOLINGER, HUNTER, Rigido, and YUME YUME.

As Andersson Bell continues to make its mark on the international stage, this collection not only commemorates a historical figure but also presents a seamless blend of art, fashion, and cultural diversity. The intersection of military-inspired elements, denim attire, and collaborative products underscores the brand’s commitment to transcending boundaries and offering a unique perspective on fashion from Korea.

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