AVAVAV Show Provokes Audience by Throwing Trash at Models, Why Did It Go Viral?

AVAVAV Show Provokes Audience by Throwing Trash at Models, Why Did It Go Viral?

Beate Karlsson from the AVAVAV brand once again sparked discussions during the fashion week on social media with a runway show where the audience threw trash at models walking down the catwalk.

AVAVAV Show Provokes Audience by Throwing Trash at Models, Why Did It Go Viral?
AVAVAV Show Provokes Audience by Throwing Trash at Models, Why Did It Go Viral?

Creativity knows no bounds, and Beate Karlsson of AVAVAV is proving that in a serious manner. The designer’s shows, coming from Parsons School of Design and Central Saint Martins, have always been a topic of conversation on social media each fashion season. Once again, the designer created a bizarre runway at the Milan Fashion Week 2024 with the audience purposefully throwing trash at models.

At Milan Fashion Week 2024, AVAVAV’s collection and runway show drew inspiration from the mocking comments on social media towards the brand. In the show, “trash” was applied literally as a metaphor for that intense hatred. The runway became dramatic as the brand allowed the audience to throw trash at the models.

Here, “trash” symbolizes the hateful comments from the brand’s social media, and yet, the models confidently walked the runway. The official Milan Fashion Week website posted photos of the show and wrote: “The show included throwing trash at models as a metaphor for the rejection and hate on social media.”

As the runway show went viral and attracted all the attention, so did the collection. Amidst the chaos, we still got a glimpse of the collection. Notable pieces include the red attire with broad, voluminous lines and cutout patterns on sleeves. Next is the transparent white dress in the collection. The simple silhouette and bodycon pattern of the dress were accentuated by streaks of sauce resembling various types of condiments.

This is not the first time the designer has made waves with their runway show. Previously, in September, AVAVAV introduced the Spring/Summer 2024 collection with the concept based on “No time to design, no time to reveal.” The show started with models eagerly rushing onto the runway while still not fully dressed, attracting a lot of views and comments when the video of the show was shared on social media. Earlier, AVAVAV also made an impression with a series of models falling “flat-faced” while showcasing the Spring Summer 2023 collection.

In today’s fashion world, runway shows are no longer just a way for designers to showcase designs to buyers and loyal customers as before. Fashion shows are also a marketing tool to attract public attention through media and social networks. Viral moments help increase the brand’s influence, and clearly, the AVAVAV shows have left their mark with the public.

Designer Beate Karlsson has not only shown her ability to create a distinct identity through her designs but also knows how to create successful fashion shows that contribute to enriching the brand’s story by creating viral moments on social media. In which the audience is not just spectators but also actively participates in the show (even through the act of throwing trash).

And surely, everyone is curious, what will AVAVAV do next in the next runway show? Let’s wait and see!

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