“Manifest” Success in the New Year with a Corpcore Wardrobe

"Manifest" Success in the New Year with a Corpcore Wardrobe

Changing up your appearance in the early days of the new year is a way for women to “attract” lucky energy. To “manifest” success in the new year, a wardrobe with a Corpcore trend will help you achieve it.

"Manifest" Success in the New Year with a Corpcore Wardrobe
“Manifest” Success in the New Year with a Corpcore Wardrobe


  • Start with basic items
  • Proportion is one of the important factors
  • Play with colors
  • Create focal points with accessories

As one of the formidable contenders in the trend rankings of 2023, the Corpcore trend has garnered attention and discussion in the fashion world. While Barbiecore or Balletcore create fresh, dreamy wardrobes, Corpcore brings a more minimalist, sophisticated look, tinted with dark hues. Corpcore is a fashion trend inspired by and directly derived from workwear or office fashion. This trend is also known as Businesscore, as it’s more familiar and easily understood. Before being “revived” by fashion enthusiasts from Gen Z, Corpcore or Businesscore could be found on many runways since the late 90s. From Maison Margiela to Prada, major fashion houses have long revisited design language from workwear in their collections. With nostalgia, the Gen Z fashion scene has brought back numerous fashion trends from the late 90s and early 00s to the current “race.” The strong rise of these trends has also captivated present-day brands. Evidence of this is throughout the Fall/Winter 2023 and Spring/Summer 2024 fashion weeks, where Corpcore became the dominant trend. From mundane work uniforms that even caused tension for the wearer, Corpcore helps the office wardrobe regain its “voice.”

Dressing well at work is a way to boost motivation for women. Stepping into the new year, to advance in your career, perhaps updating your wardrobe with Corpcore trends is a way to “manifest” your desires. Below are all the secrets to easily “keep up” with this trend:

Start with basic items The Corpcore fashion story begins with traditional office styles such as blazers, simple-cut shirts, trousers, pencil skirts, etc. Blazers with a strong office fashion vibe typically feature a snug fit, neither too long nor too wide, with smooth waistlines. However, if that style of blazer isn’t your preference, you can also opt for modern oversized styles, accentuated with broad shoulder pads, widened and squared. A white shirt, in a basic style, is usually a perfect suggestion. Meanwhile, a cropped shirt or a bra top will bring a modern touch, contributing to overall uniqueness. In addition to the traditional gray pencil skirts, women should experiment with shorter, eye-catching designs with meticulous pleats. Bermuda shorts are also an ideal suggestion to make your work outfit more interesting. Moreover, sets consisting of blazers and skirts/trousers will help fashion enthusiasts no longer “worry” or save time in choosing work clothes every morning.

Proportion is one of the important factors One way to perfect and make your Corpcore outfit more unique is through layering. To achieve a complete layered look, you need to grasp the principles of clothing proportion as well as the sizes of each item in the complete outfit. Oversized, long blazers with square shoulder pads will harmonize well with snug-fitting tops or short designs. Also, if the designs are cropped like shirts or cropped blazers, women should prioritize long skirts or modern, wide-legged trousers for balance and suitability in the office environment. A perfect layering ensemble is not just about wearing multiple layers of clothing at once; instead, it’s about seamlessly combining different sizes and different materials. Mixing contrasting materials will give depth to your office Corpcore look and impress viewers. Particularly, layering from bold designs will help office ladies step out of their “comfort zone.”

Play with colors The fashion language from the Corpcore trend is closely associated with neutral color palettes such as dominant colors like black, white, gray, and navy blue. In addition to those familiar colors, Corpcore also approaches the fashion world with famous vertical stripe patterns. With an open mind and a penchant for breaking boundaries, today’s fashion enthusiasts can experiment with Corpcore in more unconventional colors, especially in playful color-blocking trends. The frequent appearance of pastel or bright colors will make the Corpcore fashion scene more prominent. If you’re not daring enough to try out vibrant color-blocking styles, standout patterns on dark-colored fabrics or mixing bright colors in an all-black outfit will be perfect suggestions to consider. A pair of trendy bright-colored socks like cherry red will be the ideal “solution” to update your office wardrobe and make it less dull.

Create focal points with accessories Pointed high heels, low kitten heels, or flat Mary Jane shoes are already familiar to office ladies. To make these office shoe styles sync with Corpcore trends and become more modern, women should pair them with high socks or knee-high socks. Neutral tones like white, black, gray, made from knitted or sheer materials are worth considering. Moreover, your Corpcore ensemble will be more complete and fashionable if adorned with a necktie or the popular square-framed bayonetta glasses on the current trend circuit. Handbags in this trend typically feature square shapes, wide sizes, and pastel colors. To make these simple bags stand out, Corpcore trend followers can apply eye-catching decoration techniques, as legendary Jane Birkin once did.

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