Learning the secrets of selecting cozy coats as flawlessly as beauty icon Emily Ratajkowski

Learning the secrets of selecting cozy coats as flawlessly as beauty icon Emily Ratajkowski

If your winter wardrobe still has some empty space reserved for coats, beauty icon Emily Ratajkowski and her stylish collection of warm coats will help you fill it.

Learning the secrets of selecting cozy coats as flawlessly as beauty icon Emily Ratajkowski
Learning the secrets of selecting cozy coats as flawlessly as beauty icon Emily Ratajkowski

Summary: Eternal love for fur coats Blazers are never “outdated” Trench coats remain “beloved” Expressive with bomber jackets

Whenever the name Emily Ratajkowski is mentioned, surely images of her boldly flaunting her curves or strolling the streets with her pet come to mind as the first thing for every fashion enthusiast. While not making notable waves on the runway or the screen, Emily Ratajkowski shines as a true fashionista and an influential trend-setter for women.

From attending fashion shows with meticulously curated looks to stirring up social media frenzy with each street appearance, Emily’s strategy of dressing beautifully and enhancing her image has indeed been carefully studied. If in the past Emily amazed everyone with her toned waist no less than Kendall Jenner, now she knows how to redirect public attention to a fashionably standard appearance. Simply strolling with her pet or meeting friends, Emily’s outfits quickly become a topic of discussion in the fashion world. In these chilly days, Emily and her coat collection continue to be the potent arsenal that every woman cannot ignore. To perfect this year’s Fall/Winter looks, you must not overlook Emily Ratajkowski’s tips for selecting cozy coats!

Eternal love for fur coats Fur coats often make women cautious and hesitant as they may make them look “bulky.” However, that was before you learned about Emily Ratajkowski’s secrets in choosing and wearing fur coats. Instead of opting for fully fur-covered coats, Emily will change your mind with fur coats mixed with other materials such as leather and gabardine. Long coats with fur accents at the collar, sleeves, or hem are Emily’s favorites when paired with knee-high boots on the last days of the year. Sunglasses and gloves are the accents that make the overall look of the Hollywood sensation more refined and layered. For fully fur-covered coats, you should prioritize short designs and pair them with short or body-hugging silhouettes to create a perfect proportion and avoid the coat overwhelming the figure. When choosing fur coats, Emily also considers color and fur material. Neutral or dark tones will satisfy fashion enthusiasts leaning towards an “introverted” style. Meanwhile, vibrant colors on fur coats will be the beloved choice for those who like to stand out.

Blazers are never “outdated” Unlike previous years, blazers are now one of the most favored coats, especially oversized cuts. Emily Ratajkowski often “scores points” with blazers featuring wide shoulders, lowered buttons, and tapered silhouettes. She always mixes and matches them with bra tops, tank tops, mini skirts, or shorts. With the combination of oversized blazers and short, body-hugging silhouettes, Emily has revealed how to achieve a perfectly proportioned look. If you prefer a more “casual” appearance with oversized blazers and wide cuts, you can “learn” from Emily how to pair oversized blazers with wide-leg trousers or baggy jeans. In this pairing, you should prioritize short styles or snug fits to avoid looking “cluttered.” If you’re looking for a more interesting blazer style instead of traditional cuts, you should try long-line blazers with structured shoulders. Long-line blazers can also be transformed into elegant dresses.

Trench coats remain “beloved” The fall fashion picture would not be complete without elegant trench coats. Long-line trench coats with cinched waists and pointed-toe boots are the powerful weapons that help Emily capture everyone’s attention with a perfectly proportioned figure. Emily usually turns the attention to colors with bright tones or unique patterns with long trench coats covering the entire body and the inner outfit. If you only have a traditional beige trench coat, it’s time to “upgrade” with different styles and unique colors to shine in the final days of the year. Leather trench coats with broad shoulders will help you upgrade your overall look effortlessly without having to worry. Pairing trench coats with long pants or skirts is always the top choice for fashion lovers in the fall. However, pairing long, wide trench coats with contrasting bottoms like mini skirts or shorts will bring new and unique experiences multiple times over.

Expressive with bomber jackets If you continuously update new fashion trends, surely women are no strangers to the invasion of leather bomber jackets. From Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner to Emily Ratajkowski, leather bomber jackets quickly became the style secret of the top “It” girls. Not only with leather bombers, but Emily can also “rock” any style of bomber jackets with various materials and colors. Traditional bomber jackets are often paired with street-style outfits, such as jeans with boots or sneakers. For trendy leather bombers, Emily challenges herself, playing with feminine and elegant styles or trendy Y2K styles. Besides short styles, like Emily, you can turn long, wide bomber jackets into unique dresses. This style of bomber jacket will be perfect when paired with high-collar boots or trendy thigh-high boots.

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